Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winter 8:45am Shaving

I have office hours (like a college professor) at the bar on Tuesday afternoons. I usually get to start off leisurely from home before a long remainder of the day of bosswork and dart team membership.

I shaved later than usual today. It's cloudy so I could look out the eastward facing bathroom window instead of the usual blinding from the sun. Birds were really active flying about. Unhidden by the barren branches of winter, the 50 foot ancient tree across the street had a squirrel, bushy tail flittering, in addition to a variety of birds arriving and departing.

I became interested in birds and the mind-boggling number of species a couple of years ago, and have been a casual bird watcher ever since. It felt a very natural middle-aged thing to do. There were some nice close-ups of birds in flight from my 2nd floor portal as I stood shaving. I appreciated how the different species of birds had very different methods of flying.

Many things came together for that moment to happen and for me to appreciate it.

Update: It's 30 minutes later. Just left the bathroom, the sun is shining; it's mildly blinding; there are no birds at all now. Timing is everything.