Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garden Post #2

I am usually a restless fidgety sort of person. It's in my genes. My father is that way as well. I am quite surprised by how much I enjoy sitting in my garden, just sitting there contently doing nothing, like a dog or cat just sitting... happily. Unlike a dog, I usually keep my tongue in my mouth while I'm sitting there.

I occasionally get up to sweep some of the junk the dogwood tree is constantly dropping into the mulched areas. Sometimes I'll pretend to read a book, but for most part I just sit contentedly.

This picture of the back seating area is about a month and half old. The hydrangea behind the chairs is much larger now. The hostas have really taken off as well.

I added this seating area in April. It's connected to the first seating area on the other side of the dogwood tree. Most of the day, it's a nice shady spot. Various species of birds can usually be heard singing; squirrels do weird shit. It's extremely peaceful.

This seating area, which quickly became my favorite, is as far from the house as possible. While sitting there, it occurred to me that is area is contrary to what has been the modern outside seating arrangement for the last 50 years, which is a deck or concrete slab immediately off the back of the house that looks out onto a sea of grass. Sooner or later, I intend to have a porch built on the back of the house; I suspect this spot will remain my favorite sitting spot. We shall see.