Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sat, 13 Jun 2015

This was a very good day.

Up early as usual and got some computer work done.

Our John's Roast Pork lunch plans got changed to dinner at Taconelli's. From one Philly institution to another.

My original plan was to ride down with Maureen to John's, meet Bill and Walt, where everyone have a 1/2 and 1/2 each, which is 1/2 a cheese steak and 1/2 a roast pork sandwich. You need an even number people to pull this off. Maureen would drive off to her play and I would to hike up the river trail, check out this year's version of Spruce Street Harbor Park. And then SEPTA it back home somehow.

So Maureen and I wound up at Four Seasons for breakfast instead. The croissant sandwich with sausage was great. Maureen went to her play and I grabbed a really nice, long nap. So much for the energetic afternoon I had originally planned.

I did get a little gardening done before she got back, including our first harvest of blueberries (with a few raspberries). It was a hot one here and at that point it was a 2nd shirt day.

Maureen and I had a jolly time at Taconellis with Walt and Bill, who is in from Eugene OR.

After we got home, I headed to Grey Lodge where I did two of the three things I was supposed to. D'oh. Afterwards I dropped off some posters at SawTown and hung out with Troy for a short Sly Fox SawTown Standard Lager and a short Naked SawTown Pink Bunny. These are the first two house beers we had brewed especially for SawTown. Both were tasting excellent.

I finished up the night at home with Maureen watching the movie version of Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I was/am a huge H2G2 fan but didn't really dig the movie when it came out. I didn't really care for it the 2nd time around either.