Tuesday, January 24, 2012

6 Days a Week

Six days a week, I get to start the day off from my home office, where I catch up on email, RSS feeds, and world, local and personal news online. I am usually up a little, sometimes a lot, before dawn.

I always keep the lights off and open the blinds. The computer screen and the street lights outside are the only illumination. As dawn breaks the room gets gradually brighter until it is full daylight.

Buses, cars, and pedestrians pass by outside, rushing to where they have to go. That's not me. Well that's me one day a week, but not today.

My day will have me out and about, doing things, working. This time right now is a nice bit of me time. Four days a week, usually just before I fix myself some breakfast, my wife comes in for a kiss before she heads off to work.

It's 6:22am. It's still dark, but that will change. It always does. It is about ninety minutes to a kiss. The kiss doesn't change.

Time to catch up on some news.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Brains!... it's what's for dinner.

I went to Bells Market (link includes reviews from crazy people), a really great Russian super market here in Northeast Philadelphia, for their really great prepared salads and some produce. It's not too much of a detour when I'm driving home from Hop Angel.

Walking in, I noticed a big weekly special sign in the window advertising ground pork. The sign was quite effective in that I wound up buying ground pork, something that wasn't on my list. Score one for old school marketing. Take that Twitter!

It took me a few days to decide what to do the ground pork or maybe just to remember that I had it in the frig. I remembered that I liked making stuffed peppers, which usually use ground beef. This meant going to another closer by produce store to get some bell peppers.

I had some crazy wild rice that was in pantry for a couple of years, using that in place of white rice, which I don't keep in the house anyway. It cooked up black. That rice worked out really great in the peppers, adding a nice added texture to the meat stuffing. Next time I might try black beans instead of rice.

The nice thing about a popular dish like Stuffed Peppers is that there is no end of different recipes on line. I looked at quite a few, taking things I liked from each, such as cooking up onions with the ground meat.

I remembered how much I liked the cheese on top, but how it just putting it on top limited the amount of cheesy goodness for each pepper. I mixed a little cheese into the stuffing mixture. It was the right amount.

I paired it with some Brussels sprouts, that were cooked using a proven winning recipe. A very nice and hopefully healthy meal.

Idea for a New Website

I'm thinking of creating a new social media Website. The deal is we'll get insane people to review businesses. We won't pay them and consider the reviews our intellectual property.


"They had other customers there. "

And the hook is you really have a screw (or more) loose to do reviews.

Update: Someone told this site already exists. It's called Yelf or something like that.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today's 3six5

The3six5 is a blog I have been following almost since it started. Basically it's 365 days, as told by 365 different people in less than 365 words each. This is only third year, so I don't know yet if they are skipping a day this year. We will have to wait until 28 Feb and see.

Anyway... I wrote today's post.

Marty and I were hanging out in the MGMT Bunker last night as I was finishing the post up, so I had him proofread it. He laughed once which was a good sign (I'll take all laughs whether with me or at me). Later after it was submitted and we were sitting at the bar, I showed the final published version to him on my phone. He told me that I shouldn't be angry at those people that ask me that question. Great timing buddy! The point I should have made better is that nobody who asks me that knows how I feel, since I always smile, appreciate the kind thoughts behind the question, and answer politely and sincerely.