Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jenna the Hut

I will probably regret writing this, as it seems really mean and snarky. Oh well. I'd rather regret what I did than what I didn't do.

So I'm in Food Basics last night. There's a minor commotion at the top of aisle two. A morbidly obese woman is propped atop one of those motorized scooter shopping carts some stores have for handicapped people. I unfortunately put on a few pounds after the double whammy of a torn hamstring and herniated disk a few years back, so I initially opted for compassion over disgust and judgment.

She's blonde, wearing a massive pair of overalls, her flabs overwhelming the scooter. I think I see a crowd of little people hopping around where flab meets scooter. I try not be rude and look away, so I'm not certain.

A Food Basics employee goes off in search of an item for her. She explains to his back that the scooter is too slow or she'd do it. She spots me and cheerfully asks if I have seen walnut oil "in my travels".

I really don't know what irritated me more: her extremely obesity (come on, at some point just stop eating), her whining that the free scooter provided for her was too slow, or that she expected a store called Food Basics to have walnut oil.

I responded to her by shaking my head, mostly to indicate no, but also as a sign of my almost utter disbelief. I then continued on my travels through the aisles of Food Basics. A day later, I remain unsure of what of that scene irritated me most, though I'm pretty sure it's the third one.

Here is a quickly drawn, crude and partially accurate rendering. In reality she oozed around the handlebar and basket, rather than flowing in the opposite direction. This way was easier to draw though. Hey, what do you want for free?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Feeling the Freedom

Any sunny weekday where I'm outside and not trapped in a cubical, I really feel the freedom. It easily makes up for working all those nights and weekends.

Last Friday was one of those days. Incredibly beautiful.

I'm quite happy to be a Fortune 500 escapee.